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By Freedom Concealed

Last semester, I overheard a conversation some of my classmates were having. A guy mentioned that the students at our university are allowed to carry concealed guns on campus. The two girls he was talking to immediately got upset. They started making comments about how it made them feel unsafe and that they would not want to be around anyone who was carrying a gun. They had no idea that the girl sitting next to them had a M&P Shield under her sweater.

I started carrying on campus last November, immediately after receiving my provisional concealed carry permit. In fact, the first place I carried was at school. While it is legal to concealed carry on the campus of a public university in the state of Utah, I was hesitant to do so. I know that college campuses are not the most accepting of conservative leaning views on anything, especially with something like firearms. The conversation I overheard is just one example of that. My university even had a “cry closet” in the library during finals week last semester.

This was my first time carrying in another state and my first time trying out my NeoMag …Read the Rest

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