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By Sara Tipton

Sara T. My daughter the gun lover

Waking up this morning was much like any other morning for me. I heard my son in his room begin to flip flop around in his bed at about 5:30. This is always when I shuffle out of bed to prevent future black eyes, as a week ago, he woke up, I decided to stay in bed, and he jumped on me “hugging me.” Black eye. As cute as that was, I have learned to just get up before he does . . .

As I shuffled around making my coffee still barely awake, I heard my daughter wake up. I made a fire because it was cold and snowing and noticed my little sweet pea wouldn’t stop rubbing her eye. I finally got a look at it, and realized she had pink eye.

So, at 5:30 AM, I fired up my laptop to research home remedies until I could call the doctor at 8. Of course, they had no appointments anyway and it is only pink eye, it’s keeping it contained that’s making me crazy.

I told her toward the end of the day, and right before I started dinner that I don’t like that her eye is inflamed. She said “I …Read the Rest

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