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By Bob Owens


“May I make a suggestion?”

It was with those five simple words that my friend John Johnston of Ballistic Radio kicked off a lengthy instant message exchange which evolved into a pair of phone calls totaling nearly an hour.

By the time we were through, I realized that I shouldn’t have blasted Rob Pincus for his video criticizing the Weaver stance, for a number of different reasons. The primary reason is that I was wrong with heck of a lot of what I said.

For one thing, there is no “one true Weaver.” As Grant Cunningham notes in his critique, no two experts agree exactly on what constitutes a Weaver stance. Cunningham goes on to note (in the comments) that there is reason to suspect that the “Weaver” has existed intermittently in one form or another for generations before Jack Weaver rediscovered it for himself and his name became associated with the technique.

The version offered in the video is just one example of a Weaver stance.

But where I really got sideways when I sorta-kinda attempted to justify the Weaver, without really having a solid grounding on what really matters.

Here’s what really matters.

What matters for shooters shouldn’t be …Read the Rest

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