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By Ammoland

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NRA EVP / CEO Wayne LaPierre

USA – -(

Now is the wrong time for experimental leadership especially now as we head into 2019 and a Democrat-controlled Congress with plans for an incoming flood of anti-gun legislative proposals.

We need experienced and tested leaders and courageous fighters to take on the anti-rights politicians and their sympathetic media. There is no one who has more experience and capability than LaPierre.

One example is the passage of the Firearm Owners Protection Act in 1986. The U.S House was under the control of Democrats – as it again will be in January. Wayne was part of an exclusive club of shrewd political fighters who moved that legislation through the House by discharge petition (do you know what a discharge petition is?) when the Democrat House Judiciary chairman declared this gun rights bill “Dead on Arrival.”

So, as legions of AmmoLand readers thoughtfully discuss this topic and a few keyboard commandos engage in mindless conjecture, Wayne does what he’s always done. Fires up the troops, fights like hell and wins.

Wayne has my support and faith as our continued EVP/CEO.

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