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By Iain Graeme

Urgent! Tell your Legislators to Hold the Line!
Patriots, please Take Action to tell your legislators to stop compromising away your rights!

In order to restore and preserve our God-given right to “keep and bear arms” within Montana, we must tell our elected officials to remain firm!
President of The Montana Shooting Sports Association, Gary Marbut, provides us with a briefing on the legislation:
“MSSA’s constitutional referenda have not yet had their first public hearing. They are waiting while the legislature works through the mass of general bills. These referenda bills include H.B. 197 (Regents powers), H.B. 551 (Montana Right to Keep & Bear Arms Amendment), and S.B. 272 (Sheriffs in the Constitution).”
The Nation Makers (1903) by Howard Pyle
S.B. 361 Non-discrimination over firearms. Sponsor, Sen. John Fuller. There are a number of ways that discrimination against firearms may be rearing its ugly head. Some lenders and credit or payment processors are refusing to provide services to entities that manufacture, distribute or sell firearms. Some insurers may decline to service firearm-related businesses or firearm owners. Some private entities with public access may disallow firearms but fail to offer any actual safety to disarmed people. All of these are discriminatory. The Montana Constitution prohibits discrimination because

Source: Gun Owners of America

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