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By Robert Farago


Mother Jones’ article How America’s Gun Manufacturers Are Quietly Getting Richer Off Taxpayers bemoans the state subsidies (grants, tax abatements, job creation incentives, etc.) handed out to gun companies relocating their factories to gun-friendly, right-to-work states. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Although MJ notes that “Southern states have long relied on financial and regulatory incentives to attract manufacturers from more industrialized parts of the country” to say the anti-gun publication is offended by the gunmakers’ financial sweeteners would be an understatement. Here’s their list of hand-outs . . .

Sturm Ruger, Southport, Connecticut
Move: In 2014, the nation’s largest gun company opened a new factory in Mayodan, North Carolina, instead of expanding an existing factory in New Hampshire.
Subsidy: $15.5 million in state tax breaks, employee training, infrastructure construction, and other incentives. The company has also received $150,288 in training subsidies from New Hampshire.

Berretta USA, Accokeek, Maryland
Move: The Italian gun maker last year closed its Maryland plant and moved all US production to a massive factory in Gallatin, Tennessee.
Subsidy: The company will receive $10.41 million in state-funded building improvements and job training grants. The town of Gallatin also kicked …Read the Rest

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