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By Tom Knighton

Lots of people have built guns in their home workshops. My first AK-pattern rifle was from a kit I’d ordered online and an 80 percent receiver years ago. There’s been a thriving community of AR builders for even longer.

Building a gun is nothing new by any stretch of the imagination.

So why is a publication like Mother Jones worried about it now, referring to them as “untraceable” firearms?

Yet DIY guns are not exclusively built by the hobbyists and gun enthusiasts that helped me back then. The appeal of these guns is, in part, the enjoyment that comes from the build. But for some people, it’s also that they bear no serial numbers, and are, as a result, completely untraceable. No database and certainly no cop will ever know about them. That’s why this class of firearms is commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” And now, it’s becoming more and more clear that ghost guns also provide an avenue for criminals and individuals with mental illness or who are otherwise prohibited from owning guns to get them, undetected. Just last month, for instance, Kevin Janson Neal massacred five people and wounded nine others in Tehama County, California, using two …Read the Rest

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