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Mossy Oak Bottomland Cerakote Finish Now Available from Rykan Industries
Mossy Oak Bottomland Cerakote Finish Now Available from Rykan Industries

WEST POINT, MS – -( Mossy Oak has teamed up with Rykan Industries to offer custom Cerakote finishes in Mossy Oak Bottomland. Rykan Industries is an established, high-end Certified Cerakote facility with years of experience applying Cerakote, the coating that out-performs all other competitive gun coats in both laboratory settings and during real-world use.

Cerakote is a highly durable polymer-ceramic coating designed for application on metal, plastic, or wood. It does not adhere well to rubber surfaces such as Duratouch stocks. The application of Cerakote enhances multiple features including resistance to abrasions, corrosion, and overall wear. It also improves hardness. This means Cerakoting your firearm gives you the best of both worlds: an attractive appearance and a tougher exterior. Whether you’re a hard-core shooter or seasoned hunter there are numerous benefits to having your guns Cerakoted by Rykan Industries.

From shipping to the actual application of Cerakote, Rykan Industries has taken steps to streamline the entire process for gun owners. Once the client has chosen their finish they simply fill out the order form, which can be found on Rykan Industries’ website, and carefully pack their firearm for …Read the Rest

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