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Mossy Oak Adds "Big OH Costa Rica Fishing" to Elements Web Series
Mossy Oak Adds “Big OH Costa Rica Fishing” to Elements Web Series

WEST POINT, MS – From Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions, Episode 6 of “Elements” features Grey Ingram and Captain Ronnie Fields of the legendary billfishing charter, Big OH, as they chase billfish in Costa Rica.

Watch “Elements: Big OH Costa Rica Fishing” on as the newest episode of the on-demand, commercial-free series combines the background stories of Ingram and Captain Fields with some action-packed billfishing. The episode goes into detail about how each of these men put themselves into a postion where they’re able to place themselves in their element and pursue billfish over 150 days per year. It’s what each of them were created for and their passion is easily felt as the Mossy Oak Capture cameras tell the story.

“Trying to explain to somebody how much I love to billfish…it’s hard to explain,” said Fields. “This is me. This is what I do, and I love to do it. This is my element.” …Read the Rest

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