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By Mike Searson

Mossberg 464 SPX Lever-Action Rifle

A certain rifle caught our eye a few years back: the Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Action Rifle.

Mossberg 464 SPX Lever-Action Rifle

U.S.A.-( It was probably the ugliest rifle we had ever seen. Granted, we could see the utility in the railed forend, the drilled and tapped receiver and especially the threaded barrel.

We could not get past the hideous buttstock, though.

It was the only thing we truly hated about the rifle and for years we would tell anyone at Mossberg we could make contact with how the rifle would be so much better with a conventional stock.

Our pleas fell on deaf ears.

We ended up picking one up for a good deal and actually found it pleasing to shoot with the AR-type contraption that passed for a stock. Still, taking it to the range was like taking your sister to the prom.

We decided to make a few changes.

The Furniture

We would not necessarily say that black stocks should be forbidden on lever action rifles. A more traditional looking buttstock in black would have suited us perfectly and we could have lived with the rails. Unfortunately, the forend broke apart while removing it You can read about it on Breach Bang …Read the Rest

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