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By Tom Knighton

To call I-1639 controversial is an understatement. The ballot measure was problematic on many levels, including covering multiple proposed regulations–something other ballot measures had been bounced over–as well as questions over technical requirements during the petitioning phase.

The initiative also runs afoul of the Second Amendment in so many ways it’s not even funny.

Luckily, there are sheriffs in the state that recognize that. We’ve already talked about one.

Well, he’s not alone.

In Washington state, a freshly implemented ballot initiative and a raft of new bills may produce some of the tightest firearms regulations in the US. But standing in the way is a group of rural law enforcement officers who say point blank that they won’t enforce any of it.

The Klickitat county sheriff, Bob Songer, is one of them. He told the Guardian that the initiative passed last November “is unconstitutional on several grounds. I’ve taken the position that as an elected official, I am not going to enforce that law”.

Songer also cited ongoing litigation by the National Rife Association gun industry lobby and others which aims to demonstrate the laws violate both the second amendment and the state’s constitution. He also said …Read the Rest

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