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By Robert Farago

None of the gun laws detailed in TTAG’s post on French gun control prevented the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Not only did the legislation fail to deter the Islamic extremists but it also managed to create a large pool of defenseless citizens upon which the terrorists could prey. As in slaughter. Bottom line: the prevalence of “assault rifles” amongst French bad guys is no longer a secret. And if the Paris attacks weren’t enough to expose this grim reality, here’s a post-Paris story [via] that makes that point perfectly clear . . .

Several Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen are on the run tonight after a botched robbery attempt led to a dramatic shootout with French police close to the Belgian border.

A bank manager’s wife and their two children – including an 11-month-old baby – were taken hostage during the siege, which ended after several hours when one of the armed men was killed.

Another was arrested but ‘two or three other gunmen’ fled the scene in the northern French town of Roubaix, local authorities said. The hostages were freed unharmed some three hours after the gun battle began at …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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