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Body Armour Bullet Expansion Test : Each bullet was removed from a single #SafeLifeDefense ballistic panel. Concealable rotection up to .44 magnum and 12 gauge shotgun slugs! IMG from


More on Self Defense Pistol Caliber Selection – IMG from www.SBody Armour Bullet

Ft Collins, CO –-( Addendum my recent article on 380Auto as a self defense round:

In response to my Quip on the 380Auto cartridge, and various pistols chambered for it, I’ve received many comments.

Some comments, negative and positive, about the 380Auto are based on personal experience, and I surely have to respect that. For most of us, personal experience always trumps “statistical studies.”

Yet, most “personal experiences” are singular. That is, we’re basing our opinion upon a single occurrence, which may or may not be “typical.” I don’t know anyone who has been personally involved in dozens of gun battles, and is still alive.

As my esteemed colleagues, Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow, pointed out years ago, “information” upon which we base critical judgments with regard to caliber choice are largely anecdotal accounts, mostly second and third-hand.

Testimony by trauma surgeons about bullet wounds they have personally examined and treated are helpful, but only tell part of the story, probably only a small part.

In accumulating a credible statistical base (assuming that is even possible), the most critical information is represented by what the …Read the Rest

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