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By Robert Farago

If we believe Billye High’s account, her son brought a gun to school with the intention of killing himself, to end his suffering at the hands of a gang of bullies. If true, it appears that school administrators decided to punish the victim — banishing him from their school rather than address the bullies — which led to this near tragedy. That’s just one way to view this story. I also consider the government-run, politically correct education system guilty of . . .

emasculating male children; teaching them that it’s never appropriate to fight back. It’s part and parcel of the culture of passivity that’s allowed the civilian disarmament culture to thrive. The desire for a “gun-free” America, chicken or the egg? If we want to maintain our moral core as a nation we have to stop this absurd idea that all violence is bad violence. Sometimes “micro-aggression” is exactly what’s needed to keep the peace. Your thoughts?

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