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By Tim

By now you have likely heard that last Friday night Paris was attacked by what has proven to be a multinational group of terrorists flying the ISIS flag. Even now French and other European police forces are conducting raids in a bunch of neighborhoods dominated by islamic immigrants. The mastermind of the Paris attack was killed in Seine Saint Denise in a neighborhood that had been identified by the government of France as a “sensitive urban zone”, or what has been more widely known as a “no-go zone“.

There are many excellent resources on the web using the events in Paris to discuss concepts relevant to surviving should you find yourself in the middle of such an event. Greg Ellifritz (you’ve heard his name here before) has a superb blog that catalogs this sort of information for easy reference, often adding his own useful insights on top of the linked material. I strongly encourage everyone to go read his posts on the subject, and I’ll point out that a lot of what happened in Paris was discussed in the Unthinkable class I attended earlier this year.

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