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By Tom Knighton

On paper and to the uninitiated, safe weapon storage laws sound like they do a lot of good. I mean, what’s the harm in telling people they need to lock up their firearm so they don’t fall into the “wrong” hands?

However, like most things involving firearms, it’s rarely that simple. Seattle’s law requires guns to be in a locked container, so a simple gun lock won’t suffice, which ramps of the cost of gun ownership for one thing. For another, keeping guns behind locked containers means they’re not necessarily accessible when you need one.

In other words, storage laws may sound good, but they could easily cost people their lives.

Despite that, however, it seems a number of communities around Seattle are considering their own law following the larger city’s lead.

Communities not far from Seattle are now considering their own safe gun storage regulations after the Emerald City passed its own.

“I would rather be spending my time debating signs and locations of city buildings and not have to talk about firearms,” said Edmonds Council President Mike Nelson at the council’s Tuesday meeting. “I never thought when I took this job that this was something I would be doing. I …Read the Rest

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