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By Tom Knighton

The idea behind preemption, at least in part, is that preemption laws create a unified framework of gun laws so that those traveling in the state don’t find themselves breaking some gun law every time they stop for gas. The idea is to keep people from getting stupid with gun laws so that folks don’t become criminals by accident.

It’s pretty straightforward.

Right now, that idea is being put to the test in Pittsburgh, but the reasoning still stands.

Now, Montana is taking steps to make sure it has that same unified framework of gun laws. State legislators took the first big step by passing a bill in the House.

The Montana House on Thursday passed two bills seeking to prohibit local governments from passing strict gun ordinances.

Republican Rep. Matt Regier said his bills are a response to Missoula city ordinances that require background checks for private gun sales and ban weapons in certain public buildings, parks, places of public assembly and polling sites.

Regier argued Wednesday that local governments cannot regulate the concealed carrying of weapons and said his bills would prevent a patchwork of gun restrictions that could cause confusion.

“This bill will clarify our rights as Montana citizens and clarify …Read the Rest

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