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By Ammoland

Gun Primers
Montana: Fire Code, Powder, and Primers

Montana – -( We all know that sporting goods stores stock plenty of smokeless powder and small arms primers for ammunition reloading. How that became possible in Montana involves a story.

In 1988, Terry Brady, the owner of Sportsman’s Surplus in Missoula, contacted me to say he was having a problem with the local Fire Marshal. Upon inspection of his store, the Fire Marshal informed Terry that the Uniform Fire Code (UFC) prohibited possession on premises of more than about five pounds of smokeless powder (hereafter “powder”) and of more than about 500 small arms primers (hereafter “primers”). Given the array of powders and primers available and needed by customers, those amounts did not allow Sportsman’s Surplus to service its customers.

Terry was forced to establish a magazine for powder and primer storage outside city limits. Each time a customer wanted something, not on the shelf (almost every purchase), a store employee would have to make a trip to the magazine to fetch the product. This would take 30 minutes or so for both the employee and the customer. It was not cost-effective for Sportsman’s and was frustrating for customers.

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