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By David Codrea

Does this crowd look like gun imagery offends it? (Monster Jam Facebook photos)

U.S.A. – -( “As gun outrage grew, Monster Jam quietly stripped weapons from its monster trucks,” the Tampa Bay Times reports. “Feld Entertainment had already been the target of protesters when it owned the circus, but they skirted the gun debate early.”

“Gun outrage grew”? With whom? Do they get a lot of whiny harridans in pink pussy hats registering anti-gun indignation at monster truck events these days?

They must, because “the gun turret from Soldier Fortune was removed [and] the Metal Mulisha monster truck was redesigned to remove the image of a gun.” That’s reminiscent of director Steven Spielberg re-releasing E.T. The Extraterrestrial with the guns digitally removed and replaced with walkie-talkies, which in turn led to a hilarious “South Park” send-up of Saving Private Ryan.

Is this more in line with the type of patron Feld is appealing to? (Monster Jam Facebook photos)

“[Feld] saw its share of protestors and controversy when it operated the …Read the Rest

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