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By Tom Knighton

There’s a lot to be concerned about coming out of Charlottesville this past weekend, but despite the horrors, at least no one was shot, right?
Unfortunately for Moms Demand Action, that’s true. Despite numerous people open carrying firearms, there were no firearms related problems despite everything else that took place. That doesn’t stop the dedicated gun grabbers, though, does it?

HAPPENING NOW >>> Dozens are openly carrying semiautomatic rifles at a white supremacist rally in #Charlottesville, Virginia. 1/

— Moms Demand Action (@MomsDemand) August 12, 2017

Shannon Watts, on her personal page, also tried to make the claim that open carry in Charlottesville was some massive problem.

The radicalization of America is encouraged by the @NRA and open carry laws, which enable armed intimidation. #Charlottesville #Virginia

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) August 12, 2017

One of the followers on Moms Demand Action had this oh-so-original response.

If these men were brown or black, they’d be dead & don’t fvxking pretend I’m not speaking truth. Smh

— DanaCortez (@DanaCortez) August 12, 2017

Yes, that old canard. Unfortunately, when a black group did this in Texas, guess what happened. Nothing.

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