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By Cam Edwards

I don’t know who is sad enough to spend their Saturday evening watching MSNBC, but those few Americans with nothing better to do were really in for a treat on October 19th, as the cable channel aired Michael Moore’s 2002 anti-gun control flick “Bowling For Columbine”, followed by an interview between MSNBC’s Ari Melber and director Michael Moore. Moore was asked how the culture has changed in the decades since his movie was made, and of course Moore replied that things have gotten worse.

Asked whether gun control will make progress, Moore answered, “The 78 percent of this country that does not own a gun are going to get the legislation passed.” He understands that progress will take time, activism, action.

“We can fix this,” he said. “We have to take care of each other, even if we disagree with each other.”

That comment by Moore is actually worth paying attention to, unlike most of his movies. Moore gets his numbers wrong, at least according to a Gallup survey from earlier this year, which found that 30% of respondents own firearms, and 43% live in a gun-owning household. Moore’s assumption is that people who don’t own guns, …Read the Rest

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