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By Tom Knighton

Many in the media called them “protestors.” I can’t call them anything other than a mob.

I’m referring to the swarm of thugs who surrounded Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home Wednesday night while Carlson was preparing to go on air. Not only did they surround the place, but they also caused property damage in the course of their “protest.”

Last night, Beth told you about a developing story involving members of an Alt-Left group gathering outside the private home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The goons demanded that Carlson “leave town,” telling him, “you are not safe,” and “we know where you sleep at night.” As if to reinforce Carlson’s worldview, they also chanted, “no borders, no walls — no USA at all!” As it turns out, these Antifa-linked thugs showed up when their target wasn’t even home; he was at Fox preparing that evening’s show. But Carlson’s wife was at the house, and she was terrified:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was at his desk Wednesday evening, less than two hours before his 8 p.m. live show, when he suddenly started receiving multiple text messages. …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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