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By Tom Knighton

Democrats are absolutely convinced that gun control led to big wins in November. While I don’t doubt that it played a factor in some races, I tend to dispute the idea of any big wins. Instead, I argue that those gains were in keeping with historic trends for midterm elections and have little to do with the issue of guns.

But, Democrats don’t listen to me, so whatever.

In Minnesota, though, the governor seems to believe that big wins resulted from going out on a limb on gun control, and he’s offering up his support for increased background checks and a new red flag law.

Hours after being sworn in as Minnesota’s 41st governor, Tim Walz reiterated his support for a pair of gun control bills favored by Democratic lawmakers.

At a news conference before a reception in the Capitol Rotunda celebrating his inauguration, Walz said smart gun laws can protect people from violence without infringing on Second Amendment rights.

“Those are not mutually exclusive goals,” the new Democratic governor said.

The Legislature reconvenes at noon Tuesday and advocates on both sides of the gun issue are expected to make their presence felt in St. Paul.

Democrats have said they plan to quickly reintroduce …Read the Rest

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