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By Patriot Outdoor News

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Ever find yourself unexpectedly about to enter a gun-free zone while carrying? Instead of transporting your firearm all the way back home, one entrepreneur wondered whether it would be easier if there were safe and reliable mobile gun storage options for such situations. That is the idea behind Justin Hulsey’s company, Weapon Safe Armory, which revolves around the concept of mobile gun storage in armored trucks.

The idea may seem outlandish, but Hulsey said it first came to him when he heard that a man was robbed and shot in downtown St. Louis after a Cardinals game. Since many public places, like Busch Stadium, do not allow firearms, those who practice concealed carry have to decide between going there unarmed, leaving their gun locked in a car where it may be stolen, or just staying home. Hulsey said that mobile gun storage trucks give gun owners a fourth option.

“Take CCW permit holders and give them at least the service to be able to store their weapons,” Hulsey told KMOV.

Parked outside stadiums and other gun-free zones, mobile storage trucks will allow customers to deposit their firearms, attend the event, and then later retrieve them. Hulsey said the trucks …Read the Rest

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