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By Cam Edwards

The mayors of Missouri’s four largest cities sat down with Missouri Governor Mike Parsons on Friday to discuss ways to reduce violent crime and drug overdoses in the state, and while there were no specifics announced, the mayors of St. Louis and Kansas City urged the governor to support gun control measures in hopes they will stem the rising tide of gang violence.

“We’re trying to find solutions to a situation in our state that none of us are very proud of, when we start talking about the violent crime situation in the state of Missouri,” Gov. Parson told reporters.

He added, “The main thing that I think comes out of today — we know we’ve got to do something, we know we cannot continue going the way we are and expect any different results. So I think we’re all more than willing to look outside the box, per se, to figure out how we fight violent crime in this state.”

“I truly believe we’ll get results out of this,” Parson said.

The thing is, you really don’t have to look outside the box to reduce violent crime. We know what works; enforcement and outreach. Better enforcement of the existing laws, eliminating plea bargains …Read the Rest

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