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By Ammoland

Mark Carman
Mark Carman : Misinformed Man Equates Gun Rights With Motorcycle Ownership Gets White House Invite
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA – On October 3 2015, Mark Carman posted a YouTube video ( ) in which he equated gun rights with motorcycle ownership–arguing that the licensing requirement for the latter provides some standard to guide licensing requirements for the former–and the White House responded by inviting him to come visit on November 16 and 17 2015..?!?

While there Carman is scheduled “to meet one-on-one with Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama,” and to address Congress in a bid to secure more gun control.

According to PRWeb, Carman refers to himself as “just a guy” who owns guns but believes the actions of criminals justify expanding gun control to cover the law-abiding as well. This expansion entails requiring all would-be gun owners in every setting–retail or private–to pass the same background check that was passed by Gabby Giffords’ attacker and the Umpqua Community College attacker when they acquired their guns.

Carman admits that the shootings that get so much attention are not being committed by law-abiding citizens, then he calls for more gun control for law-abiding citizens…

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