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By Tom Knighton

The current trend is to push for two things when it comes to guns. One is universal background checks. The other is red flag laws.

State after state has embraced these two, and it’s not surprising. Both tend to poll very well, even among Republicans, which means there’s a broad base of support for these laws. It’s an effort Democrats feel confident they can get passed in their states, even if they lack a massive majority.

They’re probably not wrong in a lot of circumstances.

But that doesn’t mean gun rights activists won’t fight. That’s precisely what’s happening in Minnesota after a lawmaker introduced two such bills on Wednesday.

A Minnesota state senator proposed new gun restrictions Thursday while gun control opponents fanned out across the state Capitol complex to lobby their lawmakers to oppose further limits.

Sen. Ron Latz introduced bills to require background checks before most gun sales in Minnesota, and to allow police and family members to obtain court orders to temporarily remove guns from people who pose an imminent danger to themselves or others, also known as a red flag law.

“Both, we know, will in fact reduce gun violence if they get passed,” the St. Louis Park Democrat …Read the Rest

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