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By Johannes Paulsen


Question: when is a BB Gun a “firearm”?

Answer: When you bring it to Minnesota, under certain circumstances.

Just this week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals held, in the matter of State of Minnesota v. David Lee Haywood, that a BB Gun is, indeed, a “firearm” for purposes of Minnesota law, dashing the hopes of David Lee Haywood that he’d be able to avoid both a firearms conviction for being a felon-in-possession, and an extended stay in prison for owning a BB gun . . .

Haywood was legally barred from firearm ownership because in 2005, he had received a felony drug conviction, making him a prohibited person in the eyes of both federal and Minnesota law. After his first engagement with the folks at the Minnesota Department of Corrections was finished, Haywood was back on the streets, but still was barred from exercising all of his constitutionally-protected rights because of this junior varsity Mark of Cain.

Alas, Mr. Haywood somehow drew the attention of law enforcement again. In 2013, the Minnesota Star tells us, he was pulled over for a traffic stop, during which the local gendarme found what appeared to be a gun in his glove …read more

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