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By Andrew Shepperson

Viridian’s Fact Duty gun-mounted camera automatically turns on when pulled from its holster. (Photo: Viridian Weapon Technologies)
A Minnesota company is ready to start producing a new miniature camera that can be mounted to the barrel of a police officer’s handgun.
Maple Plain-based Viridian Weapon Technologies has named the invention the Fact Duty, a 3.2 ounce, three-inch-long camera designed to turn on automatically when a gun is pulled from its holster. The high definition camera also has an integrated microphone and a small taclight attached for low-light conditions.
The Minneapolis StarTribune reported several police departments have expressed interest in trying out the camera, including the West Hennepin Public Safety Department in Minnesota and another police department in Arizona.
“As we’ve seen, there have been a lot of high-profile incidents over the last few years where it’s not really clear what happened, and this is meant to provide that missing piece of evidence,” said Brian Hedeen, president of Viridian Weapon Technologies.
Hedeen said he expects production of the cameras to begin soon and wants to have police departments testing them by October. When purchased in bulk, the cameras go for about $500 per unit.
Hennepin Public Safety Director Gary Kroells said his department likes the idea and noted the July 15 fatal shooting


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