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By Robert Farago

When asked how to reduce “gun crime” the NRA and gun rights advocates have a simple solution: lock up criminals who carry or use guns when they commit a violent crime. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a longtime fan of gun control, has seen the light. The Democrat’s proposing mandatory minimum sentences for criminals who commit a crime with a firearm: three years for anyone committing a violent crime while in possession of a gun and five years anyone caught using a firearm in a crime. Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor disagrees . . .

In testimony at City Hall, Taylor maintained that mandatory minimum sentences are a bad idea generally, and wouldn’t work to curtail the city’s firearms-related crime. And she says she has the data to prove it. The money shot from the Mayor: “We can talk for 50 hours about data. My data is he committed a violent crime and he’s using a gun. What’s there to talk about?” Could this Road to Damascus moment be the start of a new effective anti-firearms-related crime push in the Democratic controlled cities where these offenses are …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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