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By David Codrea

What’s the one thing that can stop a killer that tragedy-exploiting blood dancers are trying to take away from “We the People” every chance they get? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Facebook Timeline Photo)

U.S.A. – -( “The people are tired of Moscow Mitch’s deadly obstruction,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared in response to the Milwaukee brewery murders in a tweet that has since been taken down and replaced with a longer statement citing “universal background checks” as some sort of solution. “A year ago, we took action in the House to save lives. Every day that he and the Republican-controlled Senate refuse to act, 100 Americans are killed by gun violence.”

Since so little information was released at that time, how any citizen disarmament bill floated by Democrats would have had any impact on saving lives is left unsaid. And that’s intentional.

Michael Bloomberg, the bodyguarded gun-grabber who almost let slip that he had “bought” Pelosi, was quick to slam President Donald Trump and call for “background checks,” per CNN Politics.

Bloomberg’s “seed money” venture, The Trace, wasted no …Read the Rest

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