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By Chris Eger

SOG International started in 1972 and closed its doors earlier this month
Firearm wholesaler Southern Ohio Guns International has closed their doors after 46 years. While the company’s sparse social media page is still online, its website is no longer active with their last notice, posted on Dec. 4, advising simply that SOG would be shutting down, a downward spiral chronicled on various online gun forums for the past two months. As such, the big surplus gun house has gone the way of Bannerman’s, Klein’s, WAC, and, more recently, Samco.
Established in Lebanon, Ohio in 1972, SOG specialized in selling military surplus and imported guns and militaria, typically through regular mailers to customers large and small and via large ads in trade publications such as The Shotgun News. Establishing a website in 2000, extensive internet archives of the company’s sales pages across the last two decades make a strong case to buy military surplus firearms and their accessories as a hedge against inflation.
A 2002 ad lists Simson & Co., WK & CIE, and Alex Coppel-made Mauser Solingen and Suhl bayonets for $19 — with the scabbard and frog. The same archive is a time machine to a world of $399 Belgian-marked Browning


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