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By Jenn Jacques

Children in Michigan are getting a little help from a feathered friend to learn about gun safety! The kids, ranging in ages from 3 to 9-years-old, are taking lessons from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program at the Rand Academy of Firearms Training is teaching kids like 5-year-old Dean, exactly what to do if they find a gun.

“Stop. Run Away. Tell a grown up,” he says. I asked him why that’s important. “Because you could get killed,” Dean added.

Or, you could injure or kill someone else.

“You always fear that,” Deans’s Dad, Larry Caryl, told New Ten. “They can be very dangerous, you know, if not handled correctly.”

Larry said their gun is hidden away from Dean, locked in a vault and stored in a high spot in their home.

But, Dean could find a fun anywhere, like on the playground or sleeping over at a friend’s house. So, Dean’s Dad wanted to make sure he and his son had the conversation.

“You have to teach em, if you don’t teach em … they’re very curious and you see em on TV, they’re in video games and it’s just that want to touch and to …Read the Rest

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