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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Open Carry Are Heading to the Michigan Supreme Court

USA -( This morning we received word from the Michigan Supreme Court that they have agreed to hear oral arguments in Michigan Open Carry, Inc. & Kenneth Herman v. Clio Area School District.

This is the case we first filed back in March of 2015 in the Genesee County Circuit Court that sought to force schools to comply with state laws that allow for the lawful possession of firearms in certain circumstances for self-defense.

Later that same year in September, Judge Hayman ruled in our favor that state law preempts public school districts and that schools must comply with state laws that allow firearms to be lawfully possessed on school property.

The school then appealed and in December of 2016, a three-judge panel for the Michigan Court of Appeals reversed Judge Hayman and basically said that schools were not preempted by state law, and thus are free to make their own rules.

It was then our turn to appeal, which we did to the Michigan Supreme Court, the highest court in the state. While the first appeal in a case is considered “by right” and thus is guaranteed to be heard, the same …Read the Rest

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