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By John Falkenberg

LANSING, MI — There appears to be an effort currently underway amongst some lawmakers in Michigan state legislature to secure Constitutional Carry for the state of Michigan.

M Live reports that the bill that would lift the needs for permits for concealed carry is part of a four-bill package co-sponsored by Representatives Michele Hoitenga, Pamela Hornberger, Sue Allor and Triston Cole.

Hoitenga said during testimony that the bill would not delete the requirement for background checks or change established gun free zones.

It would just eliminate the difference in legality on wearing a coat or not when you carry.

“It is currently legal in the state of Michigan for a law-abiding person to openly carry a firearm on their person without any training classes, fees or state bureaucracy,” she said according to M Live .

“It only becomes illegal when a person puts on a coat, because the gun then becomes concealed. One millimeter of clothing makes the difference between a criminal act and a legal act.”

And if you’ve never been to Michigan — they do tend to wear their coats more often than,say, your Florida residents.

“Women, elderly, vulnerable and economically disadvantaged people should not be excluded from concealed …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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