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By Jenn Jacques

A Michigan high school student was asked to leave his school last week after the Flushing High School Assistant Principal said the t-shirt he was wearing “promotes weapons and violence”.
Andrew Eichorn, a senior and captain of the Flushing High School skeet shooting team, wrote the following letter to the NRA after he was targeted for wearing a shirt with their logo on the front, and ‘Keep Calm and Carry Guns’ on the back:
My name is Andrew Eichorn, and I am an 18 year old senior from Flushing High School, Flushing MI.
Since a very young age I have been a very large supporter of our 2nd amendment, and overall our Constitutional freedoms our founders provided. I grew up learning how to safely handle firearms, and the proper way to use them. I participate in many shooting events and am the captain of the Flushing High School skeet shooting team. I was instrumental in the founding of this team, and over the past three years we have experienced a lot of success.
I am writing this email in regards to an incident which took place at Flushing High School on May 18, 2016. As I dressed for school, I grabbed my new …Read the Rest

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