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Ask The Michigan Firearms Instructor

Q: Hello Sir! Quick question. My wife bought a gun on Saturday. A Walther P22 and she hates it. She bought it 9-5-2015. How long do I have to wait before I can sell it and she can get something different? I already turned in the paperwork to the police dept.

A. Since you dutifully registered it in accordance with your local police department, per state law, and have a registration certificate in your possession you can sell it immediately without raising much governmental suspicion – in my opinion.

Presumably, you bought it new and will likely take a hit on the depreciation by selling it used. Thus, it is less likely that the Michigan State Police will flag the transaction for investigation. However, if you make a profit on the sale of the firearm and the sale happened less than 30 days or so from the time you bought it, you might face scrutiny, especially if they have evidence to believe that you might be “dealing” without a FFL.

Additionally, you might want to consider trying out a firearm before you buy it – in the future.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and my opinion is …read more

Source:: Legally Armed in Detroit

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