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By Jenn Jacques


At an event at the Newseum to discuss her “Let’s Move” project on Tuesday, Michelle Obama took the liberty of sharing what she thinks is causing kids to turn to guns and crime.

They’re bored and they don’t have adequate park and rec facilities to play at.

“Why can’t we put those things together? Why are we confused about why crime rates are going up? It’s not a complicated set of scenarios, unless people don’t really understand just what a wasteland so many kids are living in in terms of activity. Maybe that’s the case. Maybe people look at their lives and think, well, if my kids have it, then it couldn’t be that bad. It is that bad,” she said.

“We can’t be surprised with what kids do with idle time. And that’s sort of one of the things — when we look at crime rates and all that sort of stuff, it’s like, these are a bunch of bored kids that are unsupervised who don’t know how to play. If we start there — and then we give them a gun. And then you’ve got such a lethal combination.”

Interesting, because I’m sure a lot of my fellow gun owners will agree …Read the Rest

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