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By Chris Eger

As President, Michael Bloomberg has promised a series of gun bans, permits, and increased regulations on not only the firearms industry but also legal gun owners> (Photo: Chris Eger/
The newest candidate for the Democratic 2020 Presidental nomination this week announced his anti-gun platform, and it is bananas.
“Mike Bloomberg sees the gun violence crisis as a true national emergency and has promised that gun safety will be a top priority as president,” the billionaire former New York Mayor’s campaign said in a statement along with his platform. Bloomberg kicked off the announcement at a stop in Colorado where he addressed a crowd of gun control proponents.
“As President, I will attack gun violence from every angle,” he said.
Among the promises outlined in his platform, Bloomberg would require:

Background checks for all gun transfers, even for private sales.
Mandate that all would-be gun buyers to get a permit to purchase a firearm– to include what he terms an “extreme risk screening.”
Adopt a 48-hour waiting period for every firearm sale, even for those who already legally own guns.
Regulate the distribution of 3D-printing gun files online while moving to ban the publication of such files.
Up the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns to 21 nationwide.
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