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By Robert Farago

Colt Mk IV

“Ruben Kendrick had just stepped out of the bathroom of a Citizens Bank in Warren [MI] when he was confronted with a bank robber pointing a gun in his face,” reports. “Moments later, Kendrick, 60, was able to draw a pistol of his own – and he emptied the gun as the suspect tried to flee, authorities said.” As scandalous as that may sound – to those who recoil at the thought of recoil – firing wantonly at a bad guy’s back! – authorities are providing new details of the robbery which put Mr. Kendrick’s actions in perspective. For one thing, he’s an employee of the bank . . .

The teller asked [the bank robber] to have a seat. But instead of waiting, Mann took out a semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at her, according to the complaint.

Kendrick was standing near the counter when Mann then trained the gun on him. He told Kendrick to step behind the counter with three other bank employees.

But Kendrick said that he couldn’t. Mann then grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him to one side of the counter, the complaint said.

Mann then demanded that he be …read more

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