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By Robert Farago

Dr. Mireles (courtesy

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One thing that can no longer be denied: the malevolent forces of Mexico’s Corrupt government fear Dr. Manuel Mireles as no other. The charismatic former Autodefensa leader would not back down, would not compromise, and would not cut a deal with the devil. So he sits in a Hermosillo Sonora Federal Prison, over a thousand miles from his family, friends, and supporters . . .

He has tried to gain a transfer, but the powers that be are unrelenting. The governor of Michoacán came out publicly as not opposing the transfer — until evidence surfaced last week that he was talking both sides his mouth, and behind the scenes he was saying he did not want Mireles back in Michoacán.

Yet the former interim PRI governor, Jesus Reyna Garcia (above) arrived in Michoacan after his transfer was approved. He was imprisoned in Altiplano, now he is imprisoned in the David Franco Rodriguez prison (“Mil Cumbres”).

The former acting governor, Reyna Garcia is charged with organized crimes offenses. This was after a video surfaced featuring two meetings between Reyna Garcia and Servando Gomez aka La Tuta, former leader of Caballeros Templarios.

Whereas the videos are often referred to in the …Read the Rest

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