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The 2023 NRA Long Range F-Class Nationals event is underway right now at Ben Avery range in Phoenix. That’s an extremely tough competition — the targets are at 1000 yards and your need a rifle with ultra-high accuracy potential. To win in competitive shooting you need an accurate rifle, excellent ammo, good sights/optics, and good physical fitness.
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But in addition, there is the “mental game”. You need to be mentally prepared for the match. You should be focused yet relaxed, and be able to deal with stresses from a bad shot or rapid wind change. Experts say you also want to visualize the perfect shot.
One great Shooting Sports USA article, Shooting is 90% Mental, was penned by Chip Lohman (SSUSA’s former Editor). With the help of two very smart Ph.D types, Judy Tant and Mike Keyes, Lohman examines the mental processes involved in the shooting sports. Chip’s co-authors have impressive credentials. Dr. Judy Tant is a Clinical Psychologist and National Bullseye Pistol Champion. Dr. Michael J. Keyes, is a licensed Psychiatrist and former physician for the U.S. Shooting Team. CLICK HERE to read article.
Recommended Books to Focus Your Mental Game and Improve Your Shooting

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