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By Andrew Shepperson

Memphis Police Officer Marion Hannah showing a gun lock during a firearms safety public service announcement. (Photo: MPD/YouTube)
Addressing concerns about children getting their hands on unsecured guns, Memphis police are taking actions they think may help prevent even more child shootings.
In an effort to promote safe gun storage, Memphis Police are now giving away gun locks, WREG News reported. People can pick one up for free in any precinct.
On Monday, the department also held a firearms safety session to try and drive home the point that safe gun storage is a must, especially for gun owners with children.
According to a study conducted by the gun violence prevention group the Safe Tennessee Project, Tennessee and Memphis lead the country in children killed or injured by unsecured firearms. So far in 2017, there have been 20 incidents with children and negligently stored guns. Eight of those children were killed and 12 injured.
Nine of the incidents occurred in Memphis, with six children shot since June 21 and three children shot in a three day span last weekend. Those numbers make Memphis the worst city for such shootings.
“Once again, we see the tragic consequences of negligent gun storage,” said Beth Joslin Roth, policy director for


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