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By Robert Farago

Unified Sportsmen of Florida write [via]:

Recent Palm Beach Post and Tampa Bay Times articles quote the Chairman of the Florida Sheriffs Association‘s Legislative Committee (FSA). The Chairman makes many erroneous claims regarding Florida’s proposed open carry bills (SB-300 and HB-163). Below are some of those claims and our responses . . .

FSA CLAIM: “The bill as currently drafted is extremely broad, lacking limits on when, how or where firearms could be carried.”

FACT: The same provisions and restrictions that apply to concealed carry also apply to open carry (s.790.06). Only a person with a license to carry concealed will be able to carry openly. Additionally, the improper exhibition of firearms law (s.790.10) applies whether carrying concealed or openly.

Further, because of these and other erroneous claims, a clarification amendment, to stop open carry opponents from continuing to make such false claims, was added to the bill in Senate Criminal Justice Committee the morning of 10/20/15 – We know the spokesman made that claim even AFTER the clarification amendment was added because the spokesman made reference to an amendment “that didn’t pass” in the same …Read the Rest

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