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By Gregory Smith

Meetup wants you to hate Trump.

While Meetup admits that they have welcomed “a wide range of political views…from the Howard Deaniacs to the Tea Party.” Now they are waging war against Trump:

But after the recent executive order aimed to block people on the
basis of nationality and religion, a line was crossed. At a time when core democratic ideals feel under attack, we feel a duty to spark more civic participation.

These #Resist Meetups are open to anyone who want to create a bright future that’s rich with opportunity and freedom for all.

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Notice who their “partners” are:

How sad that an organization that welcomed everyone, that had every group from gun owners to goth lovers, has now decided to take a political stand.

Referring to enemies of the 1st Amendment and sometimes the 2nd Amendment as “partners” is going too far. That is why as of today, I am deleting my account.

If you’re going to take a stand against my president, I’m going to take a stand against you.


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