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By Jacki Billings

The Texas team consists of four leading players — Mark Sims, Jason Alberts, Nick Crawford, and Don Summers. These men traverse the gun landscape bringing used guns to consumers and, in the case of Summers, quality gun content to our viewers.
The Texas spirit is alive and well with Sims, Alberts, and Crawford. Sims’ Texas drawl and laid back perspective make you feel like you are in the heart of the Lone Star State. Though Alberts and Crawford are Texas-transplants, you can tell that Texas has made its way into their veins. From a passion for the Second Amendment to their polite nature and love of the outdoors, this trio embodies all that Texas symbolizes, bringing that to each customer and interaction.
“We take care of our own,” Alberts said. “Our team is small, but we’re constantly working on improving things for the customer — to make it easier and better.”
Since these gents work so hard to deliver great guns and entertainment to — often outside the purview of the public — we thought they deserved a little limelight.
Mark Sims, Jason Alberts, and Nick Crawford: The Texas Gun Buying Trio
Sims, Alberts, and Crawford are the driving force behind the Certified


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