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By Dave Bahde

Armageddon Gear Bag

Armageddon Gear Tom Fuller

Armageddon Gear isn’t your typical firearm industry company, nor is it lead by your typical industry executive.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the gun industry is made up of people. Much of the media coverage is political, marketing or just entertainment. Outside of celebrities, the people who make up the best parts of the firearms world can be forgotten or left out of the spotlight.

Fortunately, my 10 years as a gun writer has provided me the chance to meet and work with the best in the business—people who have changed some part of the industry without compromising themselves. They work quietly, providing assistance to all they encounter. They are the true quiet professionals—respected, even loved by everyone they deal with. Most, if not all, shun the spotlight, finding the attention uncomfortable. One of those people is Fuller, decorated U.S. Army Ranger, top-tier Precision Rifle Series (PRS) shooter, and founder and owner of Armageddon Gear.

Zeroing In

Tom Fuller is a veteran, a very highly decorated one at that. Along with numerous awards, he is a recipient of the Legion of Merit along with a Bronze …Read the Rest

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