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Nine-year-old shooting sensation Alpha Addy has taken the gun world by storm with her impressive performances in competitions and displays on social media. The youth started shooting three years ago after seeing other young shooters shred steel on YouTube. But with firearms being relatively foreign to her parents, her godfather, Johnny Campos, took to training her.

“Addy thought it looked cool. Those were her exact words,” Campos said. “And that’s when she asked me to learn how to shoot. Up until that point we didn’t own any firearms, she had never been around a live firearm.” However, the former Marine said he would only teach her if she agreed to a couple conditions: that she had to be safe and take it seriously. And she did.

Since starting training, Campos explained that Addy practices at least one hour a day and spends lots of time dry firing. And the hard work has paid off. Addy has climbed the ranks at her local league and improves her performance with every competition. Yet, while Addy gets plenty of encouragement from Campos, she also has lots of friends …Read the Rest

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