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By Chris Eger

Using a free-floating, cold hammer-forged barrel billed for “exceptional accuracy and longevity,” with a lightweight synthetic stock, the Ruger Scout is now available in .350 Legend. (Photo: Ruger)
Ruger has further expanded their catalog of rifles chambered for the new .350 Legend cartridge by adding a Ruger Scout Rifle to the mix
“The straight-walled .350 Legend round is attractive for hunters who can appreciate its impressive muzzle energy and low recoil,” notes Ruger in a statement. “This new rifle chambered in .350 Legend is another bolt-action offering from Ruger that provides the rugged reliability that Ruger Scout Rifles are known for.”
The new round, which premiered last year and caused a buzz for its attributes that included a claim to the throne of the fastest production straight-walled cartridge on the market, offers more energy than the classic .30-30 Win. with less recoil than the .243 Win. Ruger had previously added the chambering to two models of their American Ranch Rifle and one of their AR-556 MPR.
The .350 Legend Ruger Scout Rifle is light– at just 6.3-pounds– and has a compact aluminum bedded 16.5-inch threaded barrel for an overall length of about 37-inches, or about the same size as a Ruger Mini-14.
The Ruger Scout


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