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By John Farnam

Prescription No Guns


Medical Gun Experts? AMA, Give Me A Break….

Ft Collins, CO –-( The leftist American Medical Association (AMA) puts political pressure on doctor/members to discourage patients from being gun-owners.

Doctors are instructed to ask patients if they own guns, and then advise them to get rid of all of them!

Many doctors, particularly my students, ignore this sleazy, leftist, political propaganda, but many others adhere to it, even asking patients to fill-out forms where they are asked if they own guns.

My advice:

Most doctors and other health-care professionals are not academically qualified to provide anyone with advice on guns safety! A medical degree does not automatically make one an “expert” on any subject you care to mention!

When my doctor advises me to quit smoking, he at least speaks with authority. He certainly knows more than I do about this subject. It doesn’t mean he can’t be wrong, but I should still listen to him, because he knows what he is talking about from a mdeical standpoint.

With subjects outside of medicine and health, he may be no more qualified to render advice than I am. In fact, he may be a good deal less qualified.

I realize the AMA, of which some …Read the Rest

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